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28/12/2005 QLiss3D is going Debian! Steffen Joeris from Skolelinux has uploaded a Debian package as a new package. After some checking it will be available from the original Debian repositories.
This is also the reason for the new QLiss3D release -- the build system has been adapted to fit Debian standards.
27/11/2003 Thanks to Fabian Stoehr we can provide a Debian package for QLiss3D now. Simply add the line "deb http://fstoehr.de/debian/ [distribution] main contrib non-free" to your sources.list (e.g. "deb http://fstoehr.de/debian unstable main contrib non-free") and enjoy! You can also find the package in the download section.
8/7/2003 release 1.3.2 is already out for some days: phase differences are possible; help window and extended information about the figure; internationalization: QLiss3D is available in Welsh and German (and English of course). The installation scripts have also improved and qliss3d is now known to compile on Mac OS 10.
16/3/2003 release 1.2: ./configure - make - make install compatibility; the inbuilt synthesizer is now a slim version of fmsynth; some easy theory on Lissajous figures is online
12/3/2003 release 1.1: some optimization, colors are now configurable; added control list to the hp
9/3/2003 QLiss3D Homepage is set up
8/3/2003 QLiss3D is an approved Sourceforge project now!

If you need some special audio software solution or sound samples -- check out F Audio Development.

QLiss3d is hosted by SourceForge.net

Please also visit the project page, my other Sourceforge project FMS, my Homepage or mail me.